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Isometric Illustrations. Creating a Railway.

Isometric illustrations and Railways are two of my passions. so creating isometric railway illustrations is a dream come true. What an opportunity!

I never had time to explore isometric railway illustrations until a commission came along that indulged both these passions of mine. I obsessed about making all the details of a railway starting right from the bottom:

The Railway.

…followed by the the basic railway bogey.

Basic railway bogey.
For closer inspection…

…building up from that I created a series of goods carriages with South African Railways livery to place on the railway.

…followed by diesel locomotive tractor unit.

…having created this set as a base for other railway collateral, I was able to later create a parallel railway set for Mozambique Railways.

Mozambique Railways diesel loco.
Happily both railways use the same width of rail so the rolling stock was very simple to adapt.

More recently I needed to populate a mine scene with a garratt locomotive. I cheated a bit but was pressed for time! 😉

At times like this I appreciate the versatility of isometric vector art because it allows me to take existing base work and create a complete new look with a little effort and a little ingenuity.

I am inspired by the sheer multitude of historic railway equipment still in operation here in the UK. I can’t think of anything more enjoyable than re-creating an entire station or shunting yard as isometric vector art. That will take some time, but I will share each isometric railway illustration as I complete it.

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