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St. Gobain Products in perspective.

St. Gobain products are seldom visible in a building. To make this apparent It’sago marketing was tasked with creating awareness of how superior and pervasive their products are in order to drive sales choices in the future.

I was commissioned to illustrate a home and with cutaways to reveal St. Gobain’s vast library of products. These are ordinarily not seen by the home owners who benefit from the quality and design excellence that surrounds and protects them.

technical illustration
How St. Gobain products are used in building projects.

This illustration was created as vector art in Adobe Illustrator so the entire image could be infinitely enlarged to zoom in on actual screws, fasteners and membranes that are so taken for granted by self-builders and contractors.

Details such as polystyrene fillers, membranes, insulation all had to be true to life and resemble the actual product. When viewed at actual size they faithfully depicted the product and informed viewers.

I enjoy this sort of challenge immensely, I love to dive down into details and surprise and delight agencies and their clients with such a visually rich and infinitely expandable work of art.

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