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Making an Isometric Mill.

Making an Isometric Mill is ordinarily no mean feat. It’s further complicated when the mill is in Mozambique and the site is under restoration. My client Premier Foods had recently invested in CIM. I was flown to Mozambique to meet with the team and was given a walkabout tour to gather information about the site and take reference pictures.

Original Mill circa 1950’s

The CIM (Companhia Industrial da Matola) Mill dates back to the 1950’s by the look of the style of architecture. It’s in typical Portuguese colonial style and absolutely stunning in its scale and detail. The restoration of CIM by Premier Foods has revitalised the site and is returning it to a more beautiful, clean and safe workplace.

The Mill from ground level
CIM Mill Building

There were restored buildings the company wanted to feature in a revitalised roadmap or mission statement. The administrative offices seem like a good place to start:

CIM Administrative Building
Isometric CIM Administrative Building
CIM Bakery
CIM Bakery
CIM Feeds Plant
CIM Feeds Plant
CIM Warehouse
CIM Warehouse

Premier Foods and Companhia Industrial da Matola were able to incorporate the buildings I created in a critical roadmap. The roadmap informed and inspired their staff whilst transitioning through the company’s change process. It was an honour to meet the team and help create a strong vision for the team to internalise and work towards.

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