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Daily Doodle: Making a Fool of myself.

Making a fool of myself on April Fool’s Day seems obvious, but then a famous author posted an opportunity to illustrate his new book. In my fervour to create an opportunity for myself I got caught in a classic April Fool’s Joke.

tarot illustration
The Fool is the visionary, even if he makes a few mistakes along the way.

The Author asked artists to submit proposed illustrations based on drawing their version of the Tarot Card entitled: “The Fool”. Admiring his work as I do I leapt at the chance without realising what day it was. Boy did I feel silly when the realisation dawned on me. However there was a point to this that eludes a casual understanding…

A lot of people chastening him for being unprofessional asking people to pitch without being paid and urging him to reconsider. But there is a second layer of understanding to this opportunity. You can learn a valuable life lesson if you respond and submit a speculative illustration. If you look at all the attributes of the fool archetype one would learn that The Fool is not just a happy-go-lucky clot. The Fool is the early adopter, the visionary, the chance taker and that is what I believe the author was revealing.

In order to make progress you must go out on a limb and risk something. The greater the risk, the greater the reward. I get it now. 😉

Since we are all sitting around doing nothing, why not browse the gallery of my Book illustrations here?
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