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Coronavirus lockdown – the fishbowl reality.

Now being a responsible adult is to stay at home and do nothing. But isolating yourself with your family is like living in a fishbowl. Loving someone is suddenly not being touchy, yet everyone is in your face. I’m loving the way the Coronavirus lockdown is turning our world upside down and outside in! Interesting times…

Illustration by

I submitted this cartoon to the Professional Cartoonists Org. as part of a ‘toon challenge. The theme was simply: “Goldfish” It will be interesting to see how my work stacks up against better, more experienced artists. I find the humour, subtlety and brilliant insights of British Cartooning very inspiring. I’ve always been told to dumb my ideas down and aim for the lowest common denominator. I feel I have to raise my game here so I am feeling right at home!

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