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Shipbuilding Yard Isometric Vector Illustration.

isometric vector illustration of a shipbuilding yard

Shipbuilding Yard Isometric Vector Illustration commissioned by a shipbuilding company here in the UK. The purpose was to accurately portray the company’s capabilities and equipment to show prospective clients and staff the scope of the company’s activities cross all their shipyards.

Working from architect plans, working documents, engineering drawings and photographs I created scale-accurate isometric drawings of all their facilities and equipment.

To show how detailed theShipbuilding Yard Isometric Vector Illustration is, I’ve shared some snapshots below:

Shipbuilding Yard Isometric Vector Illustration created in Adobe Illustrator. This allows for infinite scalability of the picture, which was part of the client’s request. The client wanted to print out all the shipyards as murals to fit the height of an office wall..
Time will if this idea will be used as motivation for corporate inspiration. Watch this space! 😉

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