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Intel Evo Speed Illustration

Illustration showing the speed of Intel Evo laptops.

Intel Evo Speed Illustration is the next in the series of illustrations to highlight the benefits of Intel Evo Laptops. The theme was speed. I tried to explore of the concept of the speed of light. The brief was to create an illustration in a comic book style that would explain how much faster this latest generation of Intel processors are and the benefit they confer to any laptop which has 12th gen processors at their core. Very impressive to say the least. I am still loving working on the Samsung Note 2 360 13,3’” device. Well worth a look for anyone wanting all the power and performance without sacrificing weight and most importantly, cost.

If you’ve enjoyed this Intel Evo Evolution Illustration, I will share others as the road show goes.
In the meantime, I would suggest you explore my comics and cartoons.

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