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Intel Evo Connectivity Illustration

Intel Evo Connectivity Illustration. It’s all about connectivity, like London, like Intel Evo, like the Tree of Life. #Intel #intelevo



The illustration was created on a Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 powered by the Intel Evo i7 chip. It has a reversible 13,3” touch screen. I found it to be delightful to work on. In spite of only having 8GB of RAM, it’s super fast, smooth and never suffers performance lag. Even when dealing with large Adobe Illustrator files that would have a lesser machine chugging along, it just delivers. So much so that it was easy to forget I was creating on a computer. The pen strokes are so precise & immediate it seems the computer can almost predict your next move. The experience is creatively seamless.

As an artist I don’t want to be aware of the fact that I am using technology to make my art. It makes me feel as though this little powerhouse is an extension of my hand and my thoughts.

Isn’t that exactly what we creatives need?

If you’ve enjoyed this Intel Evo Connectivity Illustration, I will share others as the road show goes.
In the meantime, I would suggest you explore my isometric and vector artwork.

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