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I’m Bored! Childrens Book Illustrations

I’m Bored! Children’s Book Illustrations is a project Debbie Hooper and I started late last year. It is a book for our granddaughter Luna.

I’m Bored! by Debbie Hooper

I’m Bored! Childrens Book is available on Amazon and Kindle. It’s a story about Luna learning that imagination can be her best friend. During the current pandemic and the isolation it demands, it is a lesson all children will benefit from. Here are some of the page layouts:

Apart from the pandemic – reading and imagination are activities all children today need to rediscover. So much of kids entertainment is spoon-fed via the video and game media. Kids don’t need to dream anymore. It’s little wonder kids don’t know how to engage imaginary play. This little book is a personal value that Debbie has always embraced. She was a prolific reader to our kids. They are the better for it too. That’s why I value children’s books and love creating characters in their worlds for kids to explore and enjoy.

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