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Drawing Nicola Sturgeon

Drawing Nicola Sturgeon has become a bit of a pastime for me. Since providing Scotland Matters with cartoon material for their billboards, it would be expected I guess. Looking back over the past few months I see how my drawing Nicola Sturgeon has got easier and more accurate.

A collection of caricatures of Nicola Sturgeon

The best fun I had was not even published. On the Hard Border cartoon I started off mimicking the Scottish protestors who mooned the houses of parliament and having Nicola accidentally showing passers-by her knickers. Even that was a compromise – I was initially planning to show her bum cheeks but I chickened out!

Nicola Sturgeon exposing her knickers
Nicola Sturgeon is building a hard wall whilst the Scottish are leaving behind her back

…in deference to her office it was decided to rather be less provocative, and the kilt was lengthened to preserve her modesty. As seen in this post.

Scotland Matters is a non-political action group. Getting all provocative would not have helped their cause. They believe that Scotland will be adversely effected by leaving the United Kingdom and flashing the Scottish Prime Minister’s brookies was not a good idea.

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