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Scotland Matters Cartoons

Scotland Matters commissioned a series of 5 political cartoons to complement their advertising campaign leading up to the vote on 6th May 2021.

Scotland Matters has also made my 5 cartoons available on their site. You can visit the site to download them or gain a clearer understanding of what Scotland Matters stands for. It was an absolute pleasure to meet the Scotland Matters team and collaborate with them. It’s rare to find people of such authenticity and integrity. Working with the Scotland Matters team was one of the most enjoyable professional experiences I’ve had – and I wish them the best political outcome this election.

My gratitude and thanks go to Phil, Allan, Marc and Iain. I look forward to a long and successful association with them.

This little Island is an international powerhouse. It punches well above its weight. Should a part of the Union break away, we must respect that wish as any democracy should. But I believe it would be to the detriment of the part that leaves. Only time will tell.

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