Apocalyptic Book Covers are always FUN!

I recently illustrated a book cover about the end of the world. I’m always excited to create overly catastrophic artwork. They often feature ‘future-tech’, aliens, UFO’S, fireballs, evil scientists and terrified citizens. This one had them all! Imagine my joy!

The initial step is to get a concept approved. I always begin with a rough pencil thumbnail. The final artwork was complex. I tackled each element as a separate illustration and layered them in Photoshop.

By adding each separate illustration to a dramatic background make the whole composition come alive. I find this more efficient. The final layout often needs minuscule adjustments at the end to make it look great. Keeping the elements on separate layers in Photoshop makes adjustments relatively easy.

By being able to efficiently perform these makes an illustrator appear far more professional. A sense of confidence permeates the entire workflow. It makes clients more inclined work with me again in the future. Repeat business is the greatest compliment a freelancer can receive!

book cover

The final effect was super! Happily agent, author and Publisher all agreed!

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