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Book Cover Illustration #thestorieswetell by Juanene Frydman.

Book Cover Illustration must have clout. The title is the most vital part of the cover. The book cover design and illustration must reflect the books theme and intention.

#thestorieswetell by Juanene Frydman

Juanene Frydman approached me via a long-standing client in the music industry. After lengthy discussions where we explored the principles of Juanene’s methodology, I set about conceptualising a cover design.

The book is a journey that explores the narratives that define our lives and how they intersect with the spirit animals populating the enneagram. I thought about the idea of the American Indian Totem Pole and how appropriate it seems to the ideas of narrative and culture.

The American Indians have Spirit Animals which inform each individual’s character and define their contributions to the tribe, the nation and the life hereafter. It’s a powerful heuristic that enables cultural stability and promotes social harmony. I thought it an ideal visual metaphor for Juanene’s book. Juanene agreed and we set about making the cover an amalgam of enneagram and totem pole.

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