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I am this years Cover Cartoonist for Christmas.

I am this years cover cartoonist for the Christmas Edition of The Jester – The official publication for the Cartoonists Club of Great Britian!

I am very honoured to be the featured cartoonist for December 2020. It’s a high note for me on a rather trying year for all of us.

There is a full interview with me inside along with a few examples of my work. It’s also enlightening to see which of the images I sent to them were selected for use. I am learning more about how my work is received. It’s a great chance for me to become better known in the Uk. I hope this bodes well for the future!

If you are curios about my cartoon work, why not go and check it out? Check out my Cartoons for more, or you can view more of my daily work and commentaries on Pinterest.
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