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Working with a really great designer helps!

Looking through my web mentions I came across an award-winning project I was involved in many years ago which I had forgotten about.

I collaborated with a ex-colleague Lisa Greenberg on a small project called “Down Below”. It was a visual identity for a lady’s personal grooming parlour which was situated in a basement in Toronto, Canada.

The project was to create a 12-page booklet to function non-verbally. It was meant to be disarming and avoid any embarrassing situations and allowing women to point to the style of ladyscaping they desire.

As the illustrator I provided the images for the booklet which Lisa Greenberg had designed. The project went on to win AD&D and Cannes awards with mentions in Communications Arts Magazine and the design publication: ‘A Smile in the Mind’. Lisa is a superb designer and I was honoured to have been involved in a small way with this stunning project.

A Proud Lisa… 😀

This was a very design-related commission, but you can also see more of my cartoony illustrations in my gallery
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