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Pigs Fly. A Stanford and Loki Tale.

I’m delighted to announce my illustrations for Liz Carlston children’s book have now been published on Amazon!

book illustration art

The entire series of illustrations has been featured on the home page and my projects page as well. I am currently submitting an interview and will be participating as a featured artist shortly too!

I loved doing this series of illustrations, Liz is the most wonderful author as well as being a lovely person. Her husband Ben even had two of the images secretly mounted and framed for her. I am sure my images will hang in their home as a reminder of our great adventure together. I wish them every success with the Stanford and Loki book in the future!

“Pigs Fly. A Stanford and Loki Tale” is available on Amazon here: ISBN-13: 979-8606768356. Please support independent authors by sharing this delightful tale of friendship, perseverance and achievement with your children and grandchildren.

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