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Isometric Virtual Campus Environment

An Isometric Virtual Campus to help clients investigate complex Change Management Outcomes.

An Isometric Virtual Campus assists people who are managing a change process. They might not have encountered virtual reality or the power of the gaming environment. It’s an exciting new way to explore outcomes with game theory. It’s the Art of War in a War Game environment.

My commission was to create a walk-through Isometric Virtual Campus. It is intended for use in sales documents seeking to promote virtual world gaming as a unique and powerful strategic tool.

I created an isometric conference centre including a lobby, a bar area and a number of breakout rooms….

…a lecture hall…

…ideation and brainstorming areas,

…a main virtual gaming war room…

…with a detailed War Game Table.

Zooming in, you will see fine isometric details on the tabletop to allow a participant to dive deeper into this virtual world. By zooming in we can see many different possibilities on the main war game table.

…a desert base with a drone, apache helicopters, Griphen fighters and frontline a comms link…

…a carrier group with air cover and satellite comms…

The entire virtual campus is created in Adobe Illustrator as vector art. This allows for infinite scalability of the picture.
I’m certain this will prove to be the future of corporate change management, watch this space! 😉

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