Commissioned Work,Isometric,Vector Illustration

Isometric Pub Illustration

Isometric Pub Illustration commission in vector art for a ‘Future of Production’ Exhibition.

explanatory image

A commission to create an artwork that illustrates future production. Having visualised many such future scenarios, I had a lot of ideas to use as inspiration!

My idea was to combine the concept of a SodaStream and a Nespresso machine into a building-sized NanoBrewery & Pub.  The entire production process is by artificial intelligence in the Control Module on the fourth level.

The system monitors the levels of beer required and pre-orders ingredients for just-in-time delivery.  Deliveries are via drone and autonomous vehicles. Ingredients enter at the third level of the brewery just below the control module.

Pre-prepared wort mixes with desiccated barley, hops or malt. This occurs in a large Mixing Tank to produce a beer substrate.  The substrate drains into reaction modules below and allowed to ferment.

The system monitors the required alcohol content. The raw beer drains into type-specific storage tanks situated on the first level. Flavouring pods and filters add specific beer characteristics .  The storage tanks feed the draft taps in the pub at ground level.

The entire system uses gravity, solar energy, harvested rain water and pod/filter/module recycling to deliver an almost zero carbon footprint and nil waste profile.  Ozone purges the system. Cleansing intervals monitored and activated by the management module.

The Nanobrewery Pub will be available to small independent and multinational brewers alike.

If you’ve enjoyed this artwork, I would suggest you explore my isometric and vector artwork.

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