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“The Enemy I see wears a cloak of decency” – Bob Dylan.

 “Evil will not kick down the door – it will pick the lock.” – Issac Airfreight.

I was invited to submit a piece of character art to Hireillo for a range of promotional collectable trading cards. The theme was “Versus Evil”. Each artist could interpret the theme in their own way and their own style.

This is what I submitted:

Evil is insidious

In order for Evil to be successful, it must not reveal itself as Evil. Pure Evil chooses to misrepresent its intentions as kindly, virtuous or benign.

My character Psepsilidon is an attempt to represent this ambiguity.  This character is a burst of muted colour in an otherwise drab scene.  It is neither human or a beast. Dressed as a court jester. It sits on a gravestone.  Its intentions are simply unclear.  It is presenting itself as harmless, charming, light and frivolous yet desecrating the nobility of a past life lived.  The physique seems to be male yet the posture and gestures are confusingly female.  It’s expression is smiling and yet there is a sense of malice about the intense gaze. 

I hope the character leaves you with a pervasive sense of disquiet and unease. 

Because if all your senses are not screaming: “Get out of here!” It will possess and devour you.

(We crave mindless, never-ending entertainment. I see images that are crammed with detail. They say nothing about the character or it’s motivations.  In this simple scene I attempted to work the most meaning I could into a single character and it’s environment.  I want people to be mystified by the character. They should be drawn into the illustration to understand why they are attracted and repulsed.  This transaction forces the observer to engage and try make sense of the image.  The image would have reached someone and made them feel something. This makes the image more memorable.)

I hope you enjoyed this!

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