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Creating virus like particles.

Creating Virus Like Particles is the future of immunology. The ability to synthesise particles that appear virus-like yet pose no threat to humans will redefine the strategy against viruses.

creating virus like particles
Creating virus like particles

I was commissioned by Deepak Agrawal and partner Peter Bantock of Reparvi to create this illustration. It’s a very simple representation of their methodology. It’s a cell engineering platform that can be used to engineer a family of virus particles to create optimised  virus like particles. This increases the efficacy of each inoculation. It’s particularly good news in the fight against the Covid-19 Pandemic.

I wish them great success with creating virus like particles. Deepak and Peter have developed a solution that could change the world. It’s some good news that we need right now!

Creating artwork like this is something I love to do. I learn from each new project I take on by gaining knowledge about a wide range of subjects. The opportunity to peek into immunology and creating virus like particles was a novel adventure for me. I hope to continue to learn about this subject as time goes by. Thanks to Deepak and Peter for this.

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