Graphic Recording is the skill of visually converting a workshop, presentation or discussion into an illustrative idiom to preserve the key ideas and concepts for easy recall and reference later.

I have supported Change Management Consultant Teams from Ernst & Young, Price Waterhouse Coopers, The Cognitive Edge, The Narrative Lab as well as Barclays, ABSA and Standard Banks. Most recently I have been collaborating with AllChange Consulting as a Graphic Capturing Associate on a UK Government Workgroup.

Although I started out capturing images on wallpaper with koki pens, demand for electronic images has grown to the point that my kokis are hardly ever required. Consequently I work on an iPad Pro almost exclusively now. The immediacy and editability of electronic images makes them a far more efficient and effective tool for businesses, corporations and consultancies.

I like to call my Graphic Capturing: “Think Inklings” 😀