Adding character to a logo can make all the difference.

Character design isn’t easy. Making a simple block seem alive is where a cartoonist with a background in design stands apart from the others.

During my years as a graphic designer, I had the greatest success when I was able to combine the discipline of design with my passion for illustration. Because designs can sometimes seem dry and uninteresting, I always relished the opportunity to give it that something extra by adding a playful touch. This unique approach to design added value by making it more appealing. I won quite a few design awards by simply using my passion for fun illustration as a point of difference.

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Coming soon: The Ballad of Billy Slack

I am nearly finished a series of illustrations for a musical piece telling the tale of Billy Slack. It’s a mirth-filled musical mystery with such priceless characters as Reggie Rykart, The Geezers and Billy Slack. Seeded from the fertile imagination and musical wizardry of Norman Wheatley.

The Geezers

This project is dear to me because it combines my love of music, humour and cartoons. This conceptual image says it all, it’s intriguing I know, but all will be revealed in March. For now, that’s all I can share but I am having a blast!!!

I’ll share more as it ‘appens… but for the time being:

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All’s fair in love and war.

International Affairs is so convoluted. When there is political conflict the first casualty is TRUTH. Both sides claim to be virtuous yet in a world of intersectional victimhood it’s easier than ever to get away with murder, ultimately all those that live by the sword will die by the sword.

If you treat someone as an enemy they will not fail to prove you correct.

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Ricky don’t lose that number.

Ricky Gervais just caused an outrage and a ruckus in Hollywood. People seem to forget that’s what he does for a living.

It’s laughable when people take a roast and assume it means anything in real life. The response to Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globe opening speech has been as divided as the political discourse. People have assumed Ricky Gervais has nailed his colours to the mast and either made a hero or a villain of him.

What it does show is that a small, very vocal group on the lunatic fringe of the left and the right want to control our thoughts and beliefs. That’s why I think we all need to seriously consider our commitments to Social Media and in particular – what people say on these platforms.

It’s all about the numbers. Ricky knows that controversy is good for his public profile. Standing up and accusing mega corporations, the entertainment elite and the wealthy of hypocrisy doesn’t in any way take away from the fact that he is also benefitting enormously by doing that gig.

However, Ricky does make some very good points and for that I applaud him. I would say keep up the great work Ricky. Don’t lose sight of your calling. Like it or hate it, we need social commentators like you to hold a mirror up to society so we can be more authentic and self-aware.

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Yeehah! I can’t wait to find out what 2020 has in store for me.

It’s been a good break, I am feeling energised, optimistic, refreshed and full of beans. I already have a few irons in the fire and lots more commissions seem to be developing on the horison. Let’s hope the best of the past will be the worst to come for us all!

Goodbye 2019, Welcome 2020!

New Year’s Greeting

So long 2019, it’s been fun but it’s over. 😉

Thank you all for your amazing support and enthusiasm in the past year!
It has been a momentous time for me and I will remember the highlights fondly.

Nevertheless, I look forward to sparkling new opportunities in the Year to come.  I look forward to seeing you again as well as meeting new clients and making new friends.

Here’s wishing You and Yours a Peaceful, Prosperous 2020 with only good things to share.
May you look back at all your magnificent achievements and see that hindsight has indeed got 2020 vision!


It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas for political cartoonists! 😉

President Donald Trump is being impeached. But on what grounds? He asks…

Cartoon Character Development

Unused Ping the Panda for a soon to be launched web site.

It starts with rough ideas and a workaround to get the details clear…
I added a bit of shading to show the patterning…

Sadly the job has been canned. The client not being happy with the direction the character was going. Apparently not committed to the process nor understanding how much work goes into developing a character.

Ping will not be seen online as the mascot to the website, but will be here for all to see and enjoy!! 😉

December Santa Scribble 04

Argos has made life difficult for Santa this year.

A local store called Argos produced a stunning Christmas Ad featuring a dad and daughter drumming up a storm to the Simple Minds song: Don’t You Forget About Me”. Needless to say Argos (or Santa) moved a lot of mini drum kits this Festive Season. Not so sure the parents are as delighted as the kids! 😉

This artwork is a warm-up doodle. You can view other more finished cartoons in my gallery
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