CiCi is ready for Christmas!

Fresh from the World Cup in Japan, my creation Crazy Crafts’ Cici is back for Christmas.
Keep an eye out for Cici – like Santa you never know where he could turn up next!

Crazy Crafts’ CeeCee goes to the next level!

Once in a while the response to a character that I have designed is met with the same enthusiasm, love and joy as I felt whilst developing it.  Crazy Crafts CeeCee is just such an example.

CeeCee began as a simple 2D character and workaround:

Client absolutely loved CeeCee and decided to turn my design into a life-sized statue for trade shows, and a soft toy for kids!

The response was amazing, the kids were entranced by the loveable and approachable CeeCee. The client decided to take it to the next level and a full sized mascot costume was created for trade shows, school functions and general branding and marketing opportunities.

Wow!  All kudos to Jan Balt the owner of Crazy Crafts for taking this cute little ball of love and running with it.  I am so proud of what CeeCee has become, I wish Jan, Crazy Crafts and CeeCee every success in the future!

If you’d like to meet with Jan and see more of the astounding range of products he provides, visit:

Turning a conceptual character into a walking, talking mascot!

In today’s technologically advanced, social media saturated world, creating a character has become infinitely more complex.  Each character should be viable as a 3D entity for advertising and animation – which makes it perfect for developing into a mascot costume.

By working hand in glove with Mascot Ears we have brought the Northwest University’s Leopard ‘Mafika’ and many other characters to life.

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