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The Gentleman’s Colouring Book Volume 02 now available on amazon!


Finally!  Volume 02 of The Gentleman’s Colouring book is now available!

You can either click on the image above to go right to the amazon store to purchase it or:

… Click on the pic below to look at all my art books right here on my site and decide which you would prefer?  (Preferably all three!) 😉


The Gentleman’s Colouring Book

Print tests done and dusted.  Next step is to do the rounds and see if anybody will carry the books in their stores.  Still trying to decide on a price!! 😀  The wheels are turning to make this book available on Amazon too.  I will announce when it’s up and available for purchase.  Any suggestions what you would pay for this would help! 😉

Print ~Test 01 Print Test 02