It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas for political cartoonists! 😉

President Donald Trump is being impeached. But on what grounds? He asks…

December Santa Scribble 04

Argos has made life difficult for Santa this year.

A local store called Argos produced a stunning Christmas Ad featuring a dad and daughter drumming up a storm to the Simple Minds song: Don’t You Forget About Me”. Needless to say Argos (or Santa) moved a lot of mini drum kits this Festive Season. Not so sure the parents are as delighted as the kids! 😉

This artwork is a warm-up doodle. You can view other more finished cartoons in my gallery
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CiCi is ready for Christmas!

Fresh from the World Cup in Japan, my creation Crazy Crafts’ Cici is back for Christmas.
Keep an eye out for Cici – like Santa you never know where he could turn up next!

Don’t forget your Warm Christmas Wishes.

If you haven’t ordered your personalised Christmas Greeting Card art yet there is still a little time. True to form, Eriskay B&B and Glamping not only get top marks for hospitality and yummy fare, they are way ahead of the pack in preparing for Santa. Here’s a sneak peek at their Christmas Card.;).

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