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Ultimate Power Princess

An unpaid commission as a pitch for a new TVSB client. The brief was to develop a woman somewhere between Game Of Thrones and Jessica Jones. She had to be wearing something princess-like, appear tall with long lines of power, be wielding lightning drawn from the sky with an amulet. Very sexy stuff. I decided on a comic style and enjoyed how the colours set each other off. Here’s hoping the storyboard will ultimately turn out as beautifully this trial image!!! 😀

MerMay 2019 collection

The entire collection of May’s Mermaid doodles.  I decided to participate in the Wacom MerMay Challenge this year because it’s not easy, it requires discipline but the results were well worth it!  Some were done under duress but as the month went by I found myself enjoying the challenge, plus loving what other artists submitted too.  I shall definitely be doing this again and participating in other challenges in the future.