Trinquette Summer

My submission to the ‘Trinquette Monthly Drawing Challenge Thingy’ was selected as one of the winners!

A Vision of the Future

Arguably the largest illustration I have ever done. For DeBeers of London – a summation of the today and a possible ideal future for the company all rolled into one.

Illustrator Isometric scenes

What an amazing opportunity to create five little worlds replete with tiny circus performers, cute monsters, cool tech and Steampunk awesomeness.
This entire job took over six weeks and ran into 14 hour days and weekends but it was worth every minute.  I hope you will enjoy all the details!

Alita Battle Angel

My entry into the SketchFemme Weekly Challenge almost 4 years ago. Never enough time to do a proper job, but I’m satisfied considering the time it took.

Daily Doodle for 27 08 2018

Having a quiet spell, waiting for go-ahead on a project and not wanting to waste an afternoon, I decided to practice shading a little. I love how this turned out.
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