Don’t forget your Warm Christmas Wishes.

If you haven’t ordered your personalised Christmas Greeting Card art yet there is still a little time. True to form, Eriskay B&B and Glamping not only get top marks for hospitality and yummy fare, they are way ahead of the pack in preparing for Santa. Here’s a sneak peek at their Christmas Card.;).

Trinquette Summer

My submission to the ‘Trinquette Monthly Drawing Challenge Thingy’ was selected as one of the winners!

My KIA Caribbean Chaos Vista has been featured in

Find your Soul” Carribean scene for Kia Motors.

I was surprised and delighted to receive a notification that a creative portfolio website I contribute to has feature my artwork amongst others!  It’s a massive honour and a remarkable promotional opportunity, here’s hoping more of the people that matter will know about me because of this.

Sea Critters for John Dory’s restaurants.

John Dory’s is a chain of seafood restaurants that wanted to add more child-related material and collateral to their stores.  I was commissioned to create a series of sea scenes with creatures to decorate the kid’s area and all kid-related materials.  This was super job for an amazing client!

Derby Girl: Trinquette Weekly Challenge submission

In an effort to try match up to all the amazing talent out there – I have decided to enter as many of these challenges as I can to see how I measure up and learn how to do better. Apart from the fact that I love to draw pinups it is will keep me humble. Enjoy!
#trinquette #derby #rollerderby

Alita Battle Angel

My entry into the SketchFemme Weekly Challenge almost 4 years ago. Never enough time to do a proper job, but I’m satisfied considering the time it took.

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