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Intel Evo will now power my creative process

My new simple, streamlined, more powerful setup.

As you all may know, I have been participating in the Intel Evo Pop-Up Roadshow this past summer. The roadshow appeared in 11 major cities all across the UK. Each roadshow event lasted about 2 days. I was to re-create one of 6 different pre-approved illustrations each day on the stand.

My brief was to use the Samsung Book2 360 as my tool of choice. I was to receive this laptop a few weeks before. I needed to familiarise myself with the tech, Windows 11 and Adobe CC software I would use. There was a delay in getting the laptop tp me. Someone switched the laptop with a wooden chopping board whilst in transit to the Agency! The temptation proved too much for someone out there. Quite a start I’ll admit. It eventually arrived at the agency who then loaded all the necessary software and sent it on to me.

I was immediately impressed with the quality of the laptop. It looks absolutely beautiful and truly atheistically pleasing. The design and build is top notch. A bit of investigation revealed that beneath the slim, light appearance lurks a beast of a machine. It outshines everything I have used before. It’s speed is truly impressive, it wakes in a flash, it’s 2 USB C & single Thunderbolt ports can handle anything, the OLED touch screen delivers super sharp, juicy images and the 12th Gen processor made any task effortless. So amazing. I couldn’t wait to show off its chops.

The roadshow kicked off at Cabot Circus in Bristol with energy and excitement, and continued to inspire people across the country until early in November. I met scores of parents, children, animators, illustrators and professional artists who were all amazed at this unique mode of creativity. Imagine an iPad, an Apple Pencil and a MacBook Pro rolled into one! I often let people try out the laptop. When someone draws on the screen they realise very quickly just what a useful and powerful tool it is.

When the roadshow drew to a close I enquired about how I was to return the laptop (somewhat reluctantly) to Strata Communications. Intel are so impressed with my effort on the roadshow they decided to gift the Samsung to me as a small token of their appreciation! I’m surprised & absolutely delighted about this. I am currently setting it up with all my personal emails and have been tinkering around with my Cintiq. There was a small compatibility issue with the Cintiq but after loading a new driver or two and switching to the Thunderbolt port it runs like a dream.

My plan is to kick off 2023 with this machine for all my personal and non-corporate work. I hope everybody will notice a vast improvement in my artwork. Please let me know in the future!

If you have any questions about Intel Evo and using a PC for the creative work you do, don’t hesitate to contact me via this site or reach out to me on:
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