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pointy politburo: Covid conspiracy theory.

Conspiracy theories abound around the issue of CoVid19 and the world wide pandemic. Predictably a sort of manic suspicion has emerged, particularly on the political right.

My body is a temple – or a tomb…

It’s amusing when people latch on to narratives that are unsubstantiated. It’s often impossible to validate those narratives with facts and evidence. That’s because humans try to assign a big cause to a big event or problem.  We invent narratives to make sense of the reality.

The trouble is we come up with all sorts of crazy arguments to justify our understanding. It’s OK to say that your body is a temple and shouldn’t be defiled. But if you eat any processed food you are already a contradiction.

The vaccines are there to allow us to get back to relative normality as quickly as possible.  To assert that there is a vast conspiracy that ring-fences nurses, doctors, scientists, public officials, news organisations, politicians, police and anyone else who is responsible for the health and safety of our societies requires too vast a system of assumptions to even possibly be true. (See Occam’s Razor.)

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