Good work begets more good work.

Good work begets more good work: How a single cover illustration expanded into an end-to-end design job.

From a commission to create a cover illustration for an educational book for children entitled “Understanding Corona Virus with Willy and Friends” by author Makhado Sinthumule Ramabulana. Makhado is a South African pastor and the author of several other books. It was great to be involved with something so useful in the midst of the Covid Crisis.

We kicked off the process as I always do – with a thumbnail to confirm that I had understood the client’s needs and interpreted then brief accurately.

thumbnail image
rough imageRough Thumbnail.

Once the thumbnail was approved a cleaner rough was prepared. This included any revisions and showed more detail so we could confirm the finer items that the client required.

rough image
Clean pencil line rough.

The final inked line and colour resulted in a cover image that the client absolutely loved. The brief now expanded to include all 30 illustrations for the interior pages.

Corona Virus Educational Book Cover designed and illustrated by Yours Truly.

Whilst reading through the manuscript to glean which images might be required, I suggested a few things that might be helpful to the client. The client responded by requesting that I design the entire book. Awesome!

So the job went from just a cover illustration to a full design brief including: design, copywriting, layout, front and back cover illustrations plus 30 interior illustrations and final art working.

An example of a double-page spread layout.
editorial image
Coronavirus book and ‘Unlock the doors in Africa’ Award,

It was great to get my teeth into a substantial design brief after about 20 years. I am sure my design chops are nowhere close to what they were. Many years of experience and a few golden rules served me well!

I seem to be doing more and more children’s book illustrations lately. It’s the perfect balance for designer by profession but an illustrator by passion. The best of both worlds!

It shows that good work begets more good work. Making my clients look good is part of my secret recipe for success. 😉

If you’d like to see more of my children’s book illustrations: Allied Artists.
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