Political Cartoon: Challenge the Establishment.

political cartoon
Do not thoughtlessly denigrate the society or the culture you have inherited. It is your redemption.

The Youth will – and must – always challenge the Establishment. It is necessary to keep The Establishment effective and efficient. The Youth challenge The Establishment as part of the process of asserting their own independence and identity. This process should forge new ideas in the political landscape which will positively effect the trajectory of a society.

Yet the youth don’t always know better. They are idealists. They are often possessed by ideologies that are proven to be corrosive to a civilisation. That is why the Establishment endures. It is the result of competing political ideas that have endured the test of time. The Establishment may be crusty, old and safe – but it works.

Like the human body, the Establishment may not be perfect – but it is the evolutionary solution for a organism to prosper. Simply put: The Establishment works for the time being. When someone comes up with a better solution, it will eventually outcompete less beneficial ideas.

If you want to change the world, you don’t need to break it. You just need to build a better mousetrap. 😀

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