Welcome to the Animal Farm

The Autonomous Zone is like ‘The Animal Farm’ by George Orwell. It warns that if we create power vacuums in our societies, ruthless sociopaths will step into that gap and take control.

political cartoon
The ‘Autonomous Zone’ project is developing along the lines of George Orwell’s novel ‘Animal Farm’.

The seemingly uneducated and idealistic youths are discovering that ‘The Animal Farm‘ wasn’t so much a novel as a warning. They are now living in an all-too familiar Orwellian nightmare. A power structure has quickly developed. As might be expected, it is dominated by the well-armed, most violent and ruthless individuals..

It seems sad that in an attempt to shrug power they have surrendered their power to bullies, thugs and criminals. Sooner or later this social experiment will collapse. (History suggests it always does.) Law enforcement will then take back control. I fear it may not end well.

We need a State, but not too powerful. We need Law Enforcement – but not too violent. I identify with the sentiments of these youths. I just think there are better ways of changing society. You don’t bring about justice with injustice. You can’t make the world kinder with cruelty. It’s pointless to create better societies with destruction. You make things better by building better mousetraps, not by allowing vermin to lead.

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