Why Black Lives Matter More.

Political Cartoon
Unless every Life Matters, No Lives Matter.

We all live in an overly politically-correct world. Insisting that black lives are more vulnerable than the other lives is untrue and divisive. UK and USA data doesn’t support any claim that Black Lives are less important or in greater danger. In fact, one can only find evidence to the contrary.

Black Lives Matter are most active in UK and USA. These countries have massive social security programmes. Most immigrants have come to expect support from Government. It benefits them to claim extraordinary levels of ‘fear, anxiety and distress’ because it qualifies them for more of the mothering Government’s resources. An accusation of ‘racism’ is the trump card in this game of extortion. The louder Black Lives Matter protestors screech about ‘systemic racism’, the more the State accedes to their demands. The noisiest mouths get fed first. This is incentivising interlopers and indigents to act like young Cuckoos.

The foundational premise of Human Rights is that we are all created equal. Insisting that certain lives are deserving of greater consideration based on external characteristics such as skin colour is racism.

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