BLACK or WHITE doesn’t determine what is RIGHT.

Black or White? The world is suddenly ablaze with accusations of racism. The political discourse has become overwhelmingly binary. This can only be bad.

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The political discourse at the moment has become binary. This is toxic and should be defused as quickly as possible.

Forcing the political discourse to extremism is no longer politics. It is fascism. Politics is the art of diplomacy. Politics explores the shades of grey and seeks compromise. Compromise means both sides lose as the price of progress. Living in the most peaceful, prosperous period in recorded history is the result. It is worth securing for future generations.

History shows us that intolerance in discourse is the death of civility and debate. It is the reserve of dull bullies not suited to lead or determine the future of society. We need our brightest minds at the helm, not the brutes.

Those who seek to shut down Freedom of Speech reveal themselves as unable to discuss things reasonably. This is poisonous to peace, freedom and prosperity. It cannot be more simply put.

I will not bend the knee to Black Lives Matter. Coersion by populist pressure is morally wrong. It reveals Black Lives Matter do not have any valid arguments. They should muster facts in support of their claims but they shout louder, destroy things, bully and act out like spoilt children. They are a divisive minority trying hold the greater society as hostage by their moral bankruptcy.

I cannot – and will not – condone or support that.

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