Practice What You Preach

If you don’t do as you prescribe, you will undermine your own authority.

political cartoon
Practice what you preach.

I couldn’t help but notice that members of the press were standing on top of each other whilst confronting a local politician about why he didn’t observe the Social Distancing Guidelines. Questions like : “Do you think the rules don’t apply to you?” are important but seem hollow when the accusers are part of a melange of hot sweaty bodies crushing together to assail the hapless father and daughter.

This seems to suggest all the members of the upper echelons of society including the upper class, intelligentsia, celebrities, journalists and politicians see themselves as untouchable but virtue of their status. The fact that the press absent-mindedly trip over one another to ask that one incisive, damning question reveals their sanctimonious self-importance.

Whose pandemic is it, anyway?

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