Why Do The Liberal Media Hate Trump?

The Liberal Media hate Trump. They don’t hate him because he is evil, not because he is a monster, or a fool, or an autocrat. He could be all of those things, but they hate Trump because he is not one of them.

political cartoon
The loathing and fear is mutual.

The liberal media and the Democratic political class loathe, fear and hate Trump because he stands for conservatism. In his inaugural speech Trump promised a return to Capitalism and less State involvement in the economy. He has the power to change everything they have wanted to achieve with a stroke of a pen and he has not hesitated to deliver on his promise.

Democracy and Socialism are practically the same. Rule by the majority vote for the benefit of the people. The only difference between Democracy and Socialism is that the State owns the means of production for the benefit of the people. The rest is mere detail. Democratic Socialism is simply Socialism masquerading as Democracy for political expedience. The outcome will always be the same.

The Democrats and their media toadies fear that a return to Conservative values will halt the drift into a full blown Social State which will ultimately give them unlimited and untouchable power. Trump has openly challenged that system of political order and set off a media feeding frenzy. Nothing he can do is redeemable, he is never given credit when it’s due and he only does wrong. A sorry affair for the 4th Estate.

The machinations of the Democrat Political class has resulted in a three ring circus. The Liberal press hate and fear Trump, The democrats fear and hate Trump and Trump loathes and despises them too. I personally think you can’t dream this stuff up. It’s like living in a bizarre soap opera. Good times for cartoonists if you ask me.

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