Background art: a voyage of discovery.

I’ve been preparing backgrounds for a series of illustrations I am working on that is nearing completion. I have been discovering the works of background artists to see if I could pick up some tips on how best to go about this. What have realised is that background art is a superb discipline in itself.

I always used to focus on the action and main characters and took the background for granted. In the future I will not be able to look at an animated movie, an illustration or even a live action movie without studying the matt paintings and backgrounds. It’s an incredible art. I hope to do more of these in the future, it’s a real achievement to master. To see what I mean have a look at these examples: Gabriel Yeganyan, Sin Jong Hun. I think you will agree.

I have a long way to go!!! 😀

These background images will eventually be published in a book. In the mean time why not browse the gallery of my Book illustrations here?
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