Press the World Restart button.

This latest panic in the world is going to leave the world completely changed. After the restart, I predict the demographics of nations will be altered, beliefs shattered, understandings purified, values tested, behaviours refreshed and unworthy systems laid to waste.

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My hope is that when the dust settles the world will have made a fresh start. Those among us who were most fortunate will see themselves in a new light of unmerited favour and deep gratitude. I would like to see unaccountable, greedy multinational corporations disposed of and replaced by responsible, low-environmental impacting local industries. Humanity will emerge wiser, more humane and gentler on the earth and her resources. I believe now is the time that it could happen.

That could be the silver lining to this whole dark cloud we all face; Spaceship Earth and all her inhabitants will enjoy a more considerate, peaceful and prosperous future. That is the beacon I have set my ship too. I hope you will too.

But for now let’s practice gentleness, kindness, consideration and grace. Most of us will know loss, a lot of us will grieve and few of us will emerge unscathed. That is the price of the test of fire. The chaff is burnt off but the purification results in greater value for the whole body.

We have only just begun, there will be a morning after and the day after tomorrow humankind will be made of kinder humans.

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