Business as usual for hermits.

Whilst you are enduring forced hermitage at home and wondering what to do with yourself, I am in my element!

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Having been working alone since 2000, I have evolved some practices that help keep me positive and productive during the down times.

Get up, Dress up and Pitch up. Stay in the work routine to don’t allow your mind to get sloppy and self-referential. By acting this way you re-program that stupid head of yours to do your bidding, not the other way around!

I work on small victories. Nothing like backing up work to free up space or optimising my hard drive to make you feel like you’re making a difference. It helps me feel like the world is still in order and not bordering on chaotic.

I go and check out web sites, galleries and blogs that are entertaining, informative and enlightening. I use the time to stay up to date with great artists and their work. It’s very enlightening and inspiring!

My son Tim’s motto is: “If you’re not earning you should be learning.” Use the time to play around with new software, take an online course or just watch Youtube tutorials. Try stuff out: there is a wealth to discover!

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