Hilti McKilty: the scottish sprite of DIY.

A warmup doodle for today. Since I am in Scotland and there is all manner of hammering, screwing, fixing and upgrading going on all around me. This character manifested in my mind. In the land of the Will ‘O Wisp, there is magic all around. However none is so dense and forceful as this fine specimen of Scottish handymanhood.

Running and maintaining a B&B is no laughing matter. Ken and Gill who are my hosts and the proprietors of Eriskay B&B and Glamping in Aviemore seldom seem to rest. Eriskay is arguably the most unique and the best accommodation to find in Aviemore but they never rest on their laurels.

During quieter moments they constantly, paint, retile, upgrade and renew every little detail in their home and outstanding ‘glamping’ pods. I feel tired by simply watching them. The alarming thing is this weekend the first guests of 2020 start arriving and I am reassured then the work REALLY starts!


I think I’ll stick to drawing ugly brutish Scots instead.

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