Frank Zappa: A mother Of Invention.

Frank Zappa is the subject of my Movember Illustration for November the 18th. An enigmatic genius that blew my mind in my college years!

If you’ve listened to Frank Zappa and had not been blown away, you’re missing something. As a keen young musician at college, I heard Frank Zappa’s ‘Joes Garage’ for the first time whilst on a project day trip with other fellow students and it blew me away.

I had never heard such musical mastery in such creative and violently original ways. As an aspirant drummer I focussed intently on the percussion or the rhythm section and the drumming was amazing. One of my great drumming influences is Vinnie Colaiuta who played with Frank for many years. He recalls how difficult it was to audition for Frank Zappa and I now understand why. Frank Zappa chose to surround himself with alternative genius talent to match his own. I doubt anyone less inspired and insane could have cracked that gig.

The fondest memory of discovering Frank Zappa was actually the return trip in an Alfa Junior Sprint . There were far too many students piled into one small car and a spectacularly beautiful girl called Elizabeth sat on my lap for about 2 hours. I fondly remember that album with the halcyon days of being a carefree student. Pushing the boundaries and trying out new things. Precisely Frank Zappa.

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